Kurukulla of Venture Co.

Out in the wild, successful avoidance of unpleasantness — combat and killing — requires a level of vigilance and situation awareness considerably higher than all but the most ruthless PvP characters typically muster. For while it is always an advantage to strike the first blow, with surprise on one’s side, and to avoid picking fights one might lose, the true pacifist must not only seize control, from the start, of any encounter with superior opponents but also must diffuse potential aggression from those of inferior ability, which the violent-natured may more or less disregard, dispatching any such fools as they come.

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Sisters of the Forsaken: A Harem Guild of Age of Conan
Formerly of Bane, now on Cimmeria – RP-PvP

Sisters, We Are All Forsaken!

Resolve to follow the most difficult,
narrow paths of peace in lands at war.

Respect strangers.
Honor the superior.
Seduce the hostile.
Serve the Sisterhood.

Slaughter without mercy
All who prey upon the weak!

Video Notes: This captured entirely in the infamously buggy Treasury of the Ancients in Khopsef Province, where Tzuzeku found herself dancing fearlessly with the deadly “boss” of the Treasury, the Archaic Queen Statue, and her mysteriously conjured evil twin.

The Black Arts of the Necromancer by which Tzuzeku subdued the otherwise lethal Archaic Queen Statue of Treasury of the Ancients, summoned forth her evil twin, and induced the awesome pair to dance in her presence remain secrets Madam Tzuzeku will take to her grave.