Tzuzeku, Undead Warlock, Tailor Enchantress, Lightninghoof

Elder Scrolls Online November 2016 Update
If you wish to join us in ESO, contact @Tzuzeku with message in game.


“Sisters! Horde, Alliance, We Are All Forsaken!” <Sisters of the Forsaken> seeks Converts for a Casual Theatrical RP Guild dedicated to Evangelical Pacifism (outside the Honorable Combat of Battlegrounds). Female avatars only. Any level. Alts ok. Pst Tzuzeku or try other Sisters of the Forsaken with “\who Sisters” to arrange a personal meeting and invitation.

Sisters of the Forsaken is a World of Warcraft guild in the early stages of development on the RPPvP (Role Playing & Player versus Player) realms of The Venture Co. (Alliance) and Twisting Nether (Horde), with Charter Memberships available on Lightninghoof (Horde), Ravenholdt (Horde), Emerald Dream (Horde), Maelstrom (Horde).

Preferring discovery, the unusual, to someone else’s race to a finish, members are more likely to have over a half dozen alts than a single character over 40. Alts of players whose primary guild allegiance lies elsewhere are welcome, here, as full members.

For the sake of any storyline we might ever choose to invest, membership is limited to Female avatars of any race, Human, Night Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Draenei, Orc, Tauren, Troll, Undead, Blood Elf.

As for Player-Members, the less said the better. Guild gender policy is a nominally/fully non-discriminatory “Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell.” If you have problems with that nonsense, take it up elsewhere with the litigiously correct “Powers That Be.”

Sisters of the Forsaken is an avowedly pacifist guild, pursuing ideals of non-violence in a world that crys for war and striving for peace between Horde and Alliance, outside the honorable pas d’armes of battlefields or any other less formal duel or tournament à plaisance that time and the mutual respect of players across faction might accomplish.

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