Not hard to guess. There’s hardly a MMO in which Sisters of the Forsaken has not left at least a footprint, including EveOnline. Mostly lying low in New Eden, except for periods of activity, we’re awaiting the seemingly ever-receding day when Walking in Stations (WiS) becomes a reality and we can meet and greet incarnated in what are undoutedly the finest avatars currently in existence.

If you have never tried EveOnline, even if you are convinced you’d never commit to its predominant atmosphere of stunted adolescent testosterone, signing up for a free two week trial is well worth your time just to play with the incredible Eve character creator. Create, image capture, and suicide to your heart’s content.

If the sun never rises on Eve WiS, you can count on seeing us in Star Citizen.

In keeping with our theme, Sisters of the Forsaken in Eve is an all-female avatar corporation, with the same “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy with respect to actual player gender that we’ve found most conducive elsewhere to attracting a friendly diverse group of mature members, regardless the overall player demographics. Our modus operandi is as a pacifist mining, industrial, research, exploration and trading company; as usual, systematically eschewing PvP with speed, stealth, planning, mutual assistance and high situation awareness.

We are RP-friendly, but our primary role playing consists in playing at pacficist evangelism in a universe of virtual warfare. Yes, this makes us trolls of a certain order: trolls with a message, confronting more typical MMO players with the oddity that they are seeking “fun” in dealing death and destruction.

Current Recruitment Window: December 8, 2013 through January 7, 2014. New Eve players welcome. Plan on acquiring Covert Ops capability asap.

War Is Over If You Want It

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