Sisters of the Forsaken - ESO

Yes, Sisters of the Forsaken now has a foothold in Elder Scrolls Online. Forced to choose an alliance at guild creation, Guildmaster Tzuzeku, an Altmer High Elf, has chosen the Aldmeri Dominion, but that alliance need only provide a point of entry to whatever guild objectives will be pursued on the Cyrodiil PvP battlefield.

Still in the early stages of investigating the mechanics of Elder Scrolls Online, we’ll be looking for those we can work around, pervert or otherwise turn to pacifist play and pacifist evangelism. If interested in making Sisters of the Forsaken one of your five ESO guilds, message @Tzuzeku in world.

For those not familiar with our previous virtual pacifist adventures, there’s a small sampling of our doings and philosophy elsewhere on this site. But there are a few potential misconceptions worth clearing up:

  • Our Virtual Pacifism is not PvE. While there are some forms of MMO pacifism that explore pathways to leveling characters without killing NPCs, and we are intrigued and applaud them, our Virtual Pacifism is played out in hardcore PvP environments against other human players. In our view, if one cannot kill and be killed, one cannot truly exercise or espouse pacifist principles. If you decide join our adventure, expect to die…a lot. Expect to be misunderstood, taunted and targeted by PvP players, even especially by griefers, always bearing in mind that as avowed pacifists we are not innocent: we are essentially trolling them and their core idea of “fun” playing at war. In other words, our form of virtual pacifism is not for “carebears.”
  • Our theme of an all-female avatar guild has a long history. We make no exceptions. There is, naturally, no requirement with respect to actual player gender. Further, we encourage you to keep yours to yourself and not try to delve into other guild members’ gender identities. Yes, this does mean that our policy is “Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell.” In our experience, everyone pretty much figures out everyone else sooner or later, but a policy of silence provides at least the veneer of privacy and respect for those who wish to incarnate cross-gender anonymously and, frankly, makes things more comfortable for female players who don’t want to be hit on by declared males.
  • We are not saints, zealots, or ideological purists. We all sometimes lose our patience; sometimes our virtual killer-instincts get the better of us; sometimes we just pine for the competitive sport aspect of virtual combat. Members are not held accountable to some dogmatic standard of what true pacifism is. We’re not even sure what that would or should be. Is pacifism always non-violent? We’ve had our debates over the years. Indeed, that is in the largest sense the point of playing for peace in virtual worlds of war: it is an exploration of pacifism and non-violence, in theory, in practice, and in the fallen storm of human emotion, striving and temptation.

If you’re bored with virtual war, with the routine of killing and being killed, “Give Peace a Chance.” Pacifist play can make the same-old-same-old exciting again. If, on the other hand, you’re the kind of person who’s shied away from MMOs precisely because you dislike the adolescent “culture of violence” that most online games inculcate (yes, I mean you, my Second Life friends), here’s your chance to experience the beauties of fast-action virtual worlds and, simultaneously, prove your principles are not just lip service to an ideal. Come put your shoulder to the wheel to move the culture of online gaming toward something more adult, more humane, more virtually livable.


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