A Pictorial Guide to the Dark Brotherhood Litany of Blood Achievement, with Maps and Coordinates.


Litany of Blood Target Locations

I would call this a Litany of Blood Walkthrough, but not much walking is involved. It’s more a case of patiently waiting. You can run around looking for the Litany of Blood targets, and it is fun to see where they go, what they do, and listen to what they grumble. But below are good spots to wait and bide your time, while enjoying your favorite beverage. Let your target come to you.

These locations are chosen to give you a good safe assassination opportunity. They are not the only possible spots, but I’m a cautious type. A couple recommend you first do in a potential witness to have a cleaner shot at the actual Litany of Blood target. No one said there could not be collateral damage. Personally, I suspect the Night Mother is pleased by a few more corpses. And Nevusa assures me, “There are no wrong people. The Dread Father welcomes every soul you send him, aside from your Brothers and Sisters. Obey the Five Tenets and you have no fear of invoking the Wrath of Sithis.”

Alik’r Desert Sentinel Ebrayd (65:42)
Auridon Skywatch Cimalire (48:42)
Bangkorai Evermore Berea (56,27)
Deshaan Mournhold Cindiri Malas (45:50)
Eastmarch Windhelm Hakida (33:62)
Glenumbra Daggerfall Cesarel Hedier (65:24)
Grahtwood Elden Root Dirdelas (26:62)
Greenshade Marbruk Caraleth (69:34)
Malabal Tor Vulkwasten Sihada (53:79)
Reaper’s March Rawl’kha Dablir (66:55)
Rivenspire Shornhelm Bolaag (66:47)
Shadowfen Stormhold Gideelar (62:17)
Stonefalls Davon’s Watch Dinor Girano (58:58)
Stormhaven Wayrest Alix Edette (62:68)
The Rift Riften Eldfyr (58:85)


Crime Scene Pictures by Region, City: Target (Map Coordinates):

Litany Of Blood Alik'r Desert

Litany Of Blood Alik'r Desert MapAlik’r Desert, Sentinel: Ebrayd (65:42)
This irritable fellow complains he has “much to do.” You can probably take him at work, where he’s sharpening his weapons in the blacksmith shop. But he takes time off to admire the spectacular view up the stairs next door. There’s more than one citizen in this Litany of Blood doomed by dallying over pretty scenery. A lesson to us all.




Auridion, Skywatch: Cimalire
Auridion, Skywatch: Cimalire (48:42)
The area is crawling with guards and witnesses. But multiple times during her perambulations, the victim will sit on the ground, leaning on the bench across from a drinker and his passed out friend. Just enough space behind the bench to get her, but watch for the guard who comes to stop by the light post to your right.


Litany Of Blood Bankorai

Litany Of Blood Bankorai MapBangkorai, Evermore: Berea (56,27)
This Redguard with dreads, dressed in an attractive light purple top and pants, incautiously stops to mourn some lost soul at a tombstone. There are couple other citizens in the area doing the same, but they quickly turn their backs, absorbed in their own pieties. R.I.P.




Deshaan, Mournhold: Cindiri Malas
Deshaan, Mournhold: Cindiri Malas (45:50)
Easily found and done away with around the statue of the warrior at 45:50


Eastmarch, Windhelm: Hakida
Eastmarch, Windhelm: Hakida (33:62)
No one here but other assassins. Easy kill behind the Fighters Guild at 33:62


Glenumbra, Daggerfall: Cesarel Hedier

Litany Of Blood Glenumbra MapGlenumbra, Daggerfall: Cesarel Hedier (65:24)
In the north east corner of the city, you can catch him all alone under the clothesline between two residences at 65:26. His spawn point is close to here, so if someone gets him elsewhere, you’ll get your chance quickly.




Grahtwood, Elden Root: Dirdelas
Grahtwood, Elden Root: Dirdelas (26:62)
This fellow likes drinking, music, fishing, admiring horses, and practicing his archery skills. You may be able to catch him fishing back of the stables, but safer is to wait for him to come inside the Great Tree and sit down to warm his hands at 26:62.


Greenshade, Marbruk: Caraleth

Litany Of Blood: Greenshade MapGreenshade, Marbruk: Caraleth (69:34)
This tattooed redhead is a tricky one. She’s never reliably alone. So this calls for a double murder. Wait for her to enter the Fighters Guild at 69:34. Then kill the one potential witness, Iniel Laftrius, who often walks toward the Fighters Guild door. He is easy to get. With him eliminated, you can safely take Caraleth as she tries to leave. But careful, there is a guard inside the guild hall who once in a great while glances toward the front door before turning his attention elsewhere.



Litany Of Blood Malabal Tor

Litany Of Blood Malabal Tor MapMalabal Tor, Vulkwasten: Sihada (53:79)
The Litany of Blood seems to have it in for the Salt of the Earth. This humble Khajiit in a white dress sweeps the village pathways down toward the Wayshrine. Felt a twinge of conscience killing her so easily.





Litany Of Blood Reapers March

Litany Of Blood Reapers March MapReapers March, Rawl’kha: Dablir (66:55)
“May the light of the moons watch over you.” It does not watch over this Khajiit who wanders into this dark corner of the temple grounds. The light of the moons will watch over you, though. No one else will be looking.




Litany Of Blood Rivenspire

Litany Of Blood Rivenspire MapRivenspire, Shornhelm: Bolaag (66:47)
This one juggles knives in the marketplace. She’s quite good at it. But she seems to have other, more lucrative interests as well. You can take her round back of the bank, when she goes there, presumably to case the joint.




Shadowfen, Stormhold: Gideelar
Shadowfen, Stormhold: Gideelar (62:17)
Watch for a lizard with a rake who has “no time for talk.” She foolishly decides to tend the landscaping right by the Outlaw Refuge entrance at 62:17. Nice view but not exactly safe.


Stonefalls, Davon's Watch: Dinor Girano
Stonefalls, Davon’s Watch: Dinor Girano (58:58)
Wait on bridge with two guards at 58:58. Your victim roams a lot so you may have to wait a good while, but he’s an easy kill here at either foot of the bridge. And waiting beats running all over the place looking and perhaps finding him at less opportune locations with witnesses.


Litany Of Blood Stormhaven

Litany Of Blood Stormhaven MapStormhaven, Wayrest: Alix Edette (62:68)
A weepy, redhead beggar with a blade, wandering the docks. “Please, I was once like you.” Then she knows what’s coming. No shortage of places to take her, but easiest and safest is when she walks to the end of the pier. The scenic view will get you every time.




Litany Of Blood The Rift

Litany Of Blood The Rift MapThe Rift, Riften: Eldfyr (58:85)
Prepare your crime scene. The art of safe, successful assassination at times requires dispatching potential witnesses before your target arrives. This one hauls wood and practices arms inside the Fighters Guild. Wait for him to arrive; then kill Carodus Atius praying in the corridor dormitory. Beware the guard who walks this corridor, first one way, then the other.  With that, the field is clear to take Eldfyr without a cry or a whisper when he comes around.




Litany Of Blood Fulfilled

Statue of the Night Mother
Return to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary to worship, glory in the bloody display of your victims, and receive your Cadaverous Assassin polymorph reward. Note that this reward binds to your account, so you only need perform the Litany of Blood once if you are insufficiently pious and only interested in looking skeletal. The Achievement points, on the other hand, only go to those of your avatars that actually perform the rite.



A word about joining the Dark Brotherhood for beginning Elder Scrolls Online players. Assuming you have succumbed to inventory extortion and subscribed to ESO for the bottomless Crating Bag, there are two good reasons for joining the Dark Brotherhood, even if you are not a thorough reprobate intent upon a virtual life of crime: Shadowy Supplier and Blade of Woe.

Shadowy Supplier
The primary benefit for low level, starting avatars is to get the passive Shadowy Supplier at Rank 4. Rank 4 is very easy to attain and will give you a steady supply of the Sithis’ Touch set. You can pick up one a day at the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in the Gold Coast or at the Outlaw Refuge in any region. While far from the best set, it will always provide a solid base to fill the holes in any other regional set you may be working. No need to expend any other points in the skill, unless you want to specialize in murder and mayhem. Four items will give you two Health and a Weapon Critical and Spell Critical boost. No need to equip a fifth item, which provides a special boost for using the Blade of Woe, unless, again, you are intent upon a career of murder and mayhem. Taking advantage of the Shadowy Supplier means that early on you can enjoy the benefits of equipping two full or nearly full armor/weapon/jewelry sets and all the boost that delivers.

Note: Now that we have Jewelrycrafting, the Shadowy Supplier also provides a steady stream of rings and necklaces to “deconstruct,” free for the asking, though as a once-upon-a-time “Deconstructionist,” I cringe at the misappropriation of that term.

Blade of Woe
The other major benefit to joining the Dark Brotherhood for low level, starting avatars is the Blade of Woe itself, the primary “X key” weapon of the Dark Brotherhood. You get it immediately after the qualifying quest to kill some innocent the hard way. Blade of Woe will simplify a great many of the stealthy puzzle quests of Elder Scrolls Online, where you must reach objectives without raising alarm among the locals. This is especially true of Thieves Guild quests, where it will prevent you from tearing out a great deal of hair in frustration. Though sacrificing 75% of the XP credit on kills, Blade of Woe will let you stealthily eliminate pesky citizens who are just getting in your way with their prying eyes and cries for help. Well worth having in your toolkit. And it does not even cost you a skill point.

The Blade of Woe also simplifies and makes safer the repeatable Thieves Guild pickpocket quests. Instead of running around with perhaps a little bounty on your head looking for a string of victims, choose one safe, easy mark to work. Each citizen is good for three pickpockets, though at increasing odds of detection. Go as far as you want to risk, then assassinate the citizen. Upon respawn, he or she will have full pockets, again, and your odds of success will be reset.

Essential Addons: ESOLocate (Out-of-Date but works) or Map Coordinates
Don’t think about it. Get one of these addons. If for no other reason, it will let you use the guide above to find Litany of Blood target locations by coordinates, without running around for scenes that match images or descriptions. ESOLocate provides your own coordinates all the time, wherever you drag the display on screen. Map Coordinates provides them at the bottom of the main map, keyed to your cursor on the map so you can easily set a destination. (MiniMap by Fyrakin provided coordinates usefully on a minimap display. But it has not been maintained and now throws errors and fails to load.)


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  • Very helpful Though white on white text in the comments didn’t inspire me to write a longer comment than this. 🙂

  • Thank you so very much for providing a list of coordinates! 🙂
    With your list, I was able to have a starting point for searching for the targets I did not yet have {because I’m too antsy to just sit around at wait! lol}

    Just a few, very minor suggestions to satisfy my OCD:
    *Auridon {only one “i”}
    *Grahtwood {swap the “t” & “h”, I also have “lysdexia” – Teh sturggle is rael! lol}
    *Rawl’kha {Lowercase “k”}
    *Davon’s Watch {Apostrophe}

  • great guide. I have one MAJOR gripe to post, otherwise one ‘useful tip’.
    First up: the stupid textbox for leave a reply is white text on white background. obnoxious as it gets.
    the helpful tip? well, two really. the npc in shornhelm, rivenspire was named bolaag for me. if you can’t see her, she might’ve spawned under the floor and gotten stuck. she did that to me the first time I tried getting her. -.-

    • Thanks, I had not noticed the form input problem when I updated the site.
      I checked on that Shornhelm npc. You are right, she’s now named Bolaag.
      I presume she’s been renamed since most sites listed her as Bulag.

  • Thanks!! Has helped me no end <3 3 going on 4 accounts ive done/helped lol
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  • I found 8 of them on my own, and then got bored of puzzling out who they were. Thanks so much for this guide

  • I found Dinor Girano behind the mystic shop, there’s a corner along the wall where no other people go and he will wander around back there 🙂

  • Great guide. I got them all in a day. I think I spent more time waiting for the target to show up on a few of them though. 🙂

  • Just wanted to note in case anyone is frustrated looking for Gideelar, she can walk VERY far to the southeast as well… follow the dotted path south of the wayshrine, and follow the dotted paths as far southeast as possible, and I found her down there, just FYI after 30+ minutes of looking in the spots mentioned online!

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