Belitili, Undead Death Kight, Engineer Inscriber, Twisting Nether

Tzuzeku of Twisting Nether must have sent Belitili something on the order of 15000 gold, all ill-gotten proceeds of her Auction House speculation, to make possible the banner above, raising up Engineering skill sufficient to make the flying machines and to pay for Expert and then Artisan Flying lessons in Shadowmoon Village

Flying Machine COntrol

Oddly, though, at the time, the lower level Flying Machine Control, requiring 2x Adamantite Frame, 30x Fel Iron Bar, 8x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, 8x Star Wood, 5x Adamantite Bar, 4x Elemental Seaforium Charge, was more expensive to make than the Artisan Flying Turbo-Charged Flying Machine Control, no doubt due to market distortions induced by the extraordinary wave of Death Knights and high level characters in general surging through Northrend at the time.

Turbo-Charged Flying Machine Control

Aside from the fancy paint job and the incredible 280% flight speed increase, the Turbo-Charged Flying Machine Control offers no additional tricks over its plain-jane junior version, which is a shame. I would have thought it could have coughed and sputtered, smoke-fouled, begrimed and besmeared the virtual atmosphere at least 280% more thoroughly.

Of course, a Death Knight, such as Belitili, can always turn on Path of Frost and leave an ominous spotted contrail of icy clouds across the sky. Is there some alchemy in there? Really, what do we know about Path of Frost in its aerial form?

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